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more and more disappointed

in my ex friends.
I found out one when over seas - only spent her money on weed and would  steal her friend’s food or make people buy her food. On top of that she was fucking a 35 yr old man with a son who didn’t speak the same language and was expecting him to drive her from Amsterdam to Italy. She assumed they were dating because they fucked. (as soon as they met as well) -flips table- And when his son broke his neck she didn’t give two shits and got pissed he wouldn’t drive her to Italy.

I’m really pissed off another friend of mine has talked and possibly has taken up smoking even though I believe they’re 21 and don’t have a job or anything and because they’re bored are going to smoke e cigs and eventually “Work their way up” to “real cigs” That’s pretty disgusting you don’t even have money to support yourself yet you’re going start a ADDICTIVE habit because you’re fucking bored. My mom juts quit cigs after  over 50 yrs and the withdraw made it hard. IT took her 3 years. NOT TO MENTION James’s mother died of lung cancer because of it. SO wow. Look at you. I’m fucking proud.

On top I found old classmates of mine did meth and other ones did worse things.

Fuck people. I thought I was bad? Holy-eee shit.

No one is perfect but everyone is so god damn selfish. Fuck.
Or just do shit for attention. Are you serious? Everyone is becoming a disappointment. My friends drop like god damn flies.

Going to Florida

Next month I’m going to visit my mom in Florida. I’m hoping to get a phone by then. So yay!
Also I really do feel like my free time is being consumed by work at the gas station , cleaning, and commissions now. It’s very tiring. I have a list of games I want to play and anime I want to watch but I really just don’t have the time. I’m also opening a redbubble shop. So I need to design shifts and stuff for that.

Yeah. My life is kind of busy.

Also :v someone has reverted to his formal self. u w u Which is nice to see. I was afraid the path he was going to down would just lead him to avoid problems in life and watch it all build up. It wasn’t just the habit but his attitude he appeared to have on the outside.

:v Whatever you do stay strong. The future is ever changing. You might find yourself having to act like an adult at time. IT sucks. I’ve been through that with my parents. But you’ll be okay. Just steady through. You do have potential to be great.

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