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info about dogs/pets

Dogs/pets can be territorial when at home and you’re some stranger coming in to their home.
My dog usually feels very uncomfortable around strangers but has improved the last few months.

However my sis in law and her friend came over. Now my dog has growled at her friend in the past or barked because he use to be very aggressive towards strangers. However this visit was different.

All he did was sniff her shoes - picking up her scent - a normal greeting. a lil jumpy but not barking, jumping, or growling like in the past.

So she decide to shove her finger in his face and wag it telling him to be good - a bit loud for him anyways. Not in a tone you would greet a dog. And he immediately started acting nervous and crap - like the time he actually bit someone he didn’t know because they shoved their hands in his face - not even letting him sniff him.

So I had him go inside and etc. I might not be a big deal to MOST people but consider i’m trying to get him use to strangers and not be nervous/hostile/or too territorial - that really kinda messes up my training.

okay so setting up a redbubble shop.

I really would like to do some galaxy cat, wolves, and stuff shirts. SO yeah. If I don’t post much - i’m catching up on request and designing shit for shirts.

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