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23 yrs old.
College drop out.
Waste of life. Work a min. wage job. Likes: anime, cartoons, drawing, puppets, bones, animals, horror, psychology, myths, mystery, and etc. Oh and games. Yay~


I bought this Milkbbi shirt mainly because it would look hella with these pants and I’ve never been more right omg I’m in love~ pastel fairy boy fashion is my faaaaavorite

Anonymous asked: idk if you're too popular to tag things or something but people have arachnophobia and you just reblogged a gif of a giant spider. i just had a panic attack because you didnt tag that post. all you have to do in the future is put the word "spider" in the tags. you have a lot of followers, and im sure many others were triggered. if you want to keep your followers, i suggest you start tagging some basic shit. from a now ex-follower


Sure, as I respect everyone’s phobias and shit.

But I do wanna tell ye that it’s just a goddamn spider. And life’s gonna be fucking hard if tiny things freak ye out that much. I hope you’ll seek help for that, because life will eat oversensitive people up. Life’s a bitch. 

Wish you all the best with your recover!  And I also suggest you’ll ask nicely next time


The character “Lollipop Fox” is for sale! $50 through pp!

you get all rights to this design, including deciding their gender, species, story, etc

click here to buy (you can also check if its open or closed in the deviation title)

Or send me an ask!

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